Thursday, July 19, 2007

une blogueuse

Blogging is new to me – writing isn’t. Before opening La Chatelaine Chocolat Company, I wrote about the oil and gas industry (refineries and pipelines were my specialty). Eight hours a day, you could find my fingers glued to a computer keyboard, my bottom stationed to a desk chair, and my eyes glazed over a computer screen. Now things are different. Ten hours a day you can find me stirring chocolate, filling moulds, infusing chocolate with exotic spices, tempering and re-tempering chocolate, filling get the picture? But I miss tapping on the keyboard. And I think the creation of La Chatelaine Chocolat could make for an amusing chronicle. For those of you, who have encouraged me to write about this discombobulating experience of operating a chocolate shop, merci.

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Greg Young said...

I just found the perfect solution to my last minute holiday shopping crisis - LA CHATELAINE gift certificates. Merci beaucoup et joyeux noel!