Friday, April 24, 2009

La Journée de la Terre

I rode my vélo to work yesterday, but not because it was Earth Day or it was “commute by bike” day. Truth is… I found out we’re due for another snow storm in the Rocky Mountains this weekend and I wanted to enjoy my new Dutch bike on a gorgeous spring day!

Yet, conservation is always on my conscience as a small shop owner and Earth Day was indeed a reminder for me to keep thinking about ways I can “sauver la terre” (save the earth).

Although La Châtelaine is not quite ready to invest in solar panels or to construct a new “green building” I try to make a difference each day. And little things are contributing, such as recycling all cardboard and bottles, encouraging customers to reuse our boxes, refusing to use plastic bags, or declining a consumerism lifestyle. Also, our employees frequently inspire me as they habitually ride bikes to work, scorn unnecessary packaging, or bring me old furniture headed for the landfill (my office is by and large bois “recyclé”).

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