Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Le Cocoa Bar

The Making of a Hot Chocolate Bar

Some time ago, Wlady and I realized that we needed to provide a cozy spot inside of our chocolaterie for people to sit & linger over our decadent, steaming Hot Chocolate. Making this real bittersweet, dark hot chocolate is a labor of our love, but… pouring it into a to-go paper cup? Pourquoi?

We would rather serve this unabashedly rich chocolat chaud in a colorful bowl, with fresh whipping cream and homemade marshmallows and intice you to nibble on our Madeleines, Sablés, and Financiers (little French cookies you’ll soon become addicted to) and chocolates. And we want your company (not virtual company) here in our store.

Wlady and friend, Chuck, built this Cocoa bar with concrete and bare hands. They took an open space and filled it with imaginative concrete work. I’m working on warming up the concrete bar with comfy barstools, and lots of fun colors, but we need you to visit us to really make it worthwhile!

You are cordially invited to our
Cocoa Bar Grand Opening
Dec 13th
St. Lucia Day
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

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