Monday, December 14, 2009

Le Cocoa Bar

On this grayish, freezing Dimanche, St. Lucia Day, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our Cocoa Bar. We served almond Financiers, Madeleines, Crêpes, to accompany our deep, dark drinking chocolate. While customers filed along the chocolate-filled display case, gazing at their choices with a somewhat guilty pleasure, they remarked “ooooohhhh” and “[this tastes] like a melted chocolate bar”, or “how many calories?” (a question we abhor, you realize). At one point, our chocolate lovers had comfortably occupied all of the barstools (the ones I thought would never arrive) and at that moment, I knew deep down that La Châtelaine’s Cocoa Bar would be un succès. Saint Lucia, known as the Queen of Light, unquestionably lit up our cozy chocolaterie.

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