Thursday, March 10, 2011


Owning a chocolaterie… many people dream of this, and I often pinch myself too (along with worry, fatigue, frustration and sacrifice.)

In addition to our handmade chocolates, we have recently added an element of pastry artistry (pâtisserie) to our shop. From the very beginning, Wlady and I have worshipped the pastry arts: rustic tarts, both glorious & simple cakes, cookies/sablés and other desserts. After all, we are passionate about ALL of the Culinary Arts! 

Months of crossing my fingers and whispering a few prayers, I finally found a pastry case from a local coffee shop that kindly sold it to us for a very fair price (Leaf & Bean). 

The challenge: pastries, cookies and cakes are trickier to sell than chocolates, whose shelf life is longer. And “je deteste” throwing away a once flaky pâte brisée.  I suppose we’ll need to let more people know that we are capable of creating a variety of sweet treats.

One thing is for certain. We want to surprise customers with all of our smart little confections that orderly line the cases – whether dainty chocolates or buttery tartelettes – they’re our art and our culture.