Sunday, November 27, 2011


La Chatelaine's new Versailles-inspired look!

Apologies for my hiatus from postings. I had somehow gotten it into my head that my photos aren’t perfect enough for blog posts. After all, there are so many great blogs out there w/stunning food styling & near professional photos (that probably took hours, mind you),” so why would anyone want to look at my blog? 

Carol B. Neiley from “Basic French (a lifestyle thing),” recently wrote on her blog: “ I have been feeling really exasperated and rebellious recently, as I tacitly though erratically follow blogs with tasteful feminine mood boards and perfectly art directed and lit photos of carefully culled objects.” She goes on to say: “I’m getting sick of everything so styled and unreal…Cooking is messy, life is messy…It’s all too Perfect Home Perfect Life for me.”
Owning and running a chocolate shop is messy and fast paced. I usually have chocolate or flour caked on my hands, timers erratically beeping from various stations, too many decisions to make, and critical minutes to emulsify ingredients – hardly ever the opportune moment to stage, style and perfect photos. So, bear with me as I “embrace my imperfection” and resume dispatching occasional information about my experience of owning a chocolaterie.