Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mama and Maman

Merci mille fois to our dear chocoholic customers! You truly made our arduous effort this Mother’s Day or Fête des Mères meaningful.
My Mama’s recent arrival from the South along with the arrival of a Mother’s Day card from my Belle Mère in Paris filled me with gratitude. These two ladies, who live across the Atlantic from one another, are total opposites. Par exemple, Mama used to spring precariously up and down on her matelassé -covered bed, rowdily beseeching an (unlikely) homerun from the Atlanta Braves, while Maman (my husband’s Mom) politely declared “plus vite” while watching the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Mama bravely captained a 48 foot yacht during a storm on the Gulf of Mexico (as the rest of us fearfully huddled in the cabin queasy with sea-sickness). Maman managed to prepare several days feasts dignes (worthy) de grand Chefs in her tiny Parisian kitchen for family and friends. Mama prefers stretch cords; Maman adorns her neck with silk scarves from Hermès. Mama plays Solitaire cards like a compulsive gambler – come to think of it, so does Maman. Mama squealed with delight every Valentines Day upon receiving a velvet heart of chocolates. Maman “j’aaaaadore” chocolat and taught Wlady how to make orangettes.

Whilst Mama and Maman's personalities, dress codes and mannerisms differ, their hearts are impossible to tell apart.

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