Monday, June 2, 2008

Le Bandit

Apologies for the gap in my blogging. A bandit recently burgled La Châtelaine Chocolat Co.! Strangely, this thug wasn’t after chocolate: only cash and my computer. I suppose those things can be replaced. And as for my bruised feelings, well…they have healed too. This sneaky snafu hasn’t slowed down our zeal for making chocolate, however. After spending a month in La Châtelaine’s modest test kitchen, experimenting, developing, tinkering, tasting ingredients, we’ve finally perfected two new chocolates: almond marzipan & organic banana flambée. To quote a recent customer who sampled the banana flambée: “I’ve found my new addiction!” As for the marzipan, I dedicate it (if one actually dedicates chocolate creations) to Mimi, my Mom. Oddly, she pronounces it “marz-e-pan” and I cannot convince her otherwise. But, I can imagine her giddily nibbling one and how happy it would make her.

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