Thursday, November 13, 2008

Salon du Chocolat de Paris

Several days ago, Wlady and I attended the 14th annual Salon du Chocolat de Paris. After a weary (and drizzly) arrival and a few “gros bisous” on cheeks, we parted from chez Maman’s, and took the Metro to Porte de Versailles, where the enchantment of chocolate began. 
This chocolate trade-show featured French, Swiss, Belgian, Mexican and Japanese chocolate makers while emphasizing the culture and customs of the equatorial regions where the cocoa is grown. 

Although initially overwhelmed, it took Wlady and I no time to begin begging for a goûter (a snack/sample) at the countless chocolate booths dotted throughout the building. My French, often rusty, had indeed improved with (the dangling carrot) required vocabulary of chocolate. 
Enfin, my favorite chocolate was the Tonka-flavored, vogue-like in Paris now. Its unusual floral, vanilla, tobacco scent tasted perfect with dark chocolate. It is a shame Tonka is not FDA approved for use in the U.S., otherwise I would use it at La Châtelaine. 

Le Salon de Chocolate characterized everything I love about France and its culture: artistry, meticulousness, and passion!
While adding a horde of new flavors to La Châtelaine’s chocolate collection, perfecting the chocolates I currently make is a goal. Now I’m off to my kitchen!

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