Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Le Marché en Plein Air

With pleasure, I would like to announce the opening of La Petite Châtelaine Chocolat Co, our premier auxiliary store located in the stately Baxter Hotel, downtown Bozeman. We believe that our sophisticated chocolates will be a great match for the stylish Baxter Hotel, with its high ceilings and architectural opulence.

Our inspiration for “
Petite”? The outdoor markets in France. During summer (été) visits to Maman et Papa, we tag along with Maman on early morning trips to the market. I can hear her saying “dépêche toi Shannon! Oh mon dieu!” because I struggle to wake early in France…or anywhere for that matter. And I usually make her late for her market visit. However, once there, we do spot the very best seasonal produce, whether Mirabelles from Lorraine or oysters from Normandy. Years ago, en hiver (winter)  I picked up a basket of luscious fraises (strawberries) at the market and I thought my Belle-Mère would slap my hand! “Mon Dieu, Shannon! Out of season – jamais!” I notice other things too about the market – locals seem to meet for café or to have an apéritif- a whirl of activity and foreign language!

So recently, I began thinking how my shop could expand but only in a small-scale, like a market vendor would. And “
Petit” is the beginning.

Please do stop by and say hello
or Bonjour.

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