Thursday, January 29, 2009

Le Jour de la Saint Valentin

        Artist: Kristen Penn
I’m a little sad due to the passing of Noël. Discombobulating and cold as it was, I found the “warmth” of the season irresistible. We’re grateful for our customer’s kindness and loyalty - Merci for your business…we wouldn’t be here without you! 

Now it’s almost February and although still wintry (temperatures plummeting to -25 F), our hearts are warming with romantic notions with the approach of Valentine's Day, or Le Jour de la Saint Valentin. Always my favorite since a little girl, Valentine's Day evokes love, passion, sticky hand-made cards with poems, the color red, chocolates (of course), champagne, flowers… 
For this years’ Valentine inspiration, I am stirred by les romantiques 60’s french films, Un Homme et une Femme & À bout de souffle, the Brazilian music of Ivan Guimarães Lins, the floral scent of Calèche parfum, and mostly the hand-written poetry from my husband. 
Our Valentines “Bisous Box” is now ready for you and it’s filled with new flavors, such as Brazilian Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Morello Cherry Cordials, dipped morello cherries with stem, and Nipples of Venus. We’ve also inserted a French poem inside and hand-tied the boxes with satin “je t’aime” ribbon. I’m thrilled and I want you to know that I put my heart into this beautiful box, too. So remember, chocolates are the perfect gift for your amour on Valentine's Day.

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