Monday, February 23, 2009

Merci Pour Notre Valentin

(Un Cadeau de mon Mari)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for such a successful Valentine’s Day. It is nice to know that our chocolates were involved in so many gestures of love and romantic settings.

We sold most of the heart shaped boxes! C’est Bon!
I am thrilled because I thought I might have overestimated sales and would need to find storage until next year. Sigh! We didn’t sell as many of our large ganache-filled hearts, however - maybe because I didn’t have enough time to package them properly in bags with ribbon, nor did I have adequate signage. Although we treated many, many samples of hot chocolate (chocolat chaud), we didn’t sell a lot of it. Is it too rich for American tastes? Or is a chocolaterie not a hot chocolate destination. We need to sell more cups in order to see a return on the investment of our two hot chocolate dispensers.

In addition to chocolates, an entrepreneurial employee sold her Paris-flea-market-inspired floral arrangements in La Châtelaine. She collects vintage containers (and she does have an eye because she’s inspired me to begin collecting) and fills them with artistically arranged flowers. Attached are hand-written descriptions on antique looking travel tags. I drooled over the arrangement in milk glass and hoped my husband would buy it, but unfortunately someone snagged it too fast!

Valentines confirmed my belief that chocolate, indeed, is très necessary, even if times are lean. More than ever, we need to nibble well-made, luxuriously rich chocolates – not cheapish imitations.

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