Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joyeuses Pâques

 Here are some of our handmade Easter chocolates.
It is magical to see the shiny chocolates detach from the moulds!
It is our third Easter at La Châtelaine Chocolat Co.!
So far, we’ve made 150 small chocolate bunnies, 60 fat bunnies, 30 chocolate eggs, 25 large hens, and 12 small hens, mostly in 70% dark chocolate and 40% milk chocolate. We’ve got a few weeks to go and many more to make. Our wish is that people appreciate our little animals versus those mass-produced Easter chocolates that have lined department store shelves since February 15th.  As in France, we take great pride in our handmade Easter chocolates. We feel that they are works of art and we’re happy when you come to the store to take a look! We are displaying them right now, so come sneak a quick glance before they disappear from the shelves. 

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