Friday, July 24, 2009

Seattle Chocolate Salon

Last week, we participated in the International Seattle Chocolate Salon. Our first Salon debut, we featured sumptuous delicacies with some of the best chocolatiers of the Pacific Northwest. Yippee, We won awards for the following categories: Most Artistic Design, Best Milk Chocolate, Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience and Best Traditional Chocolate.
I will admit that competitions frighten the heck out of me. I am usually overcome with nausea, sometimes stutter, and always feel awkward. But I endured and I learned a lot. We cannot wait until next year!
Here’s a list of my mental notes for next year:

· Arrive prepared with samples;

· Develop an idea how to display;

· Tell Wlady not to stick his arm in the chocolate fountain;

· Bring our most creative chocolates (the judges are very young);

· Get more sleep beforehand;

· Eat Breakfast;

· Bring a typed price list; and

· Not wear white pants.

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