Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Bite of Bozeman

Tchin tchin! We sold out of everything at the Bite of Bozeman, an annual event that draws hundreds of people downtown to sample “bites” from many of the valley’s chefs, caterers, and restaurants.
If not, what were we supposed to do with all those brownies and chocolate bananas?? Abrupt (and somewhat hazardous) wind gusts nearly blew our tent away, but the show went on! Although initially annoyed, I finally succumbed to Mother Nature because I couldn’t do a darn thing about it except grasp to the tent and hold down with all of my weight.
To prepare, we baked approximately 100 fudgy brownies, some with pecans, some without, hand-dipped five bunches of organic bananas in a 75% dark chocolate, and also blended several gallons of chocolate sauce for our signature frozen chocolate drink, the “frozen chocolate”.
This was our third time to participate in the Bite of Bozeman and we are now ready for our city’s Sweet Pea Festival to begin! We ♥ Bozeman!

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