Thursday, September 24, 2009

Le Marché (Farmer's Market)

The Farmer’s Market drew to a close on Tuesday and resulted in one of our best sales day of the season. I realized how much enjoyment and thrill I get out of the market – in fact this is where my culinary venture began. Twelve years ago, I sold pies and tarts at this market baked in my very hot, small kitchen (and I was pregnant, too!) The passion is what drives us market purveyors more than money. The weather was cool (perfect for fresh chocolates) and many people showed up bustling through the stall aisles because they knew it would be a frigid winter to endure before the next market season. The brownies, caramel apples, and hot chocolate sold out more than an hour before nights’ end leaving us with a few left-over chocolates, which we passed on to a guy who runs a nearby stall.
I am disappointed that I didn’t have enough time to journal about each market day and will make a point to do that next year.
Wlady and I will miss our regular customers and their children and dogs. We do hope you visit our store if just to say “hi”.

Photographer: Merissa Lambert

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