Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awards at Chocolate on the Beach Festival

After sitting in my crammed Volvo brimming with chocolate couverture, shells, chocolate sauce, and chocolate truffles for nearly twenty-five hours, while navigating (twice) three sinewy mountain passes, we’re happy to be home. Wlady and I traveled quite far… to Pacific Beach, Washington, in fact… to participate in the community’s 3rd annual “Chocolate on the Beach Festival”. I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect from the event, as there seems to be a great deal of competitiveness and snobbism associated with chocolate these days.
We found the exact opposite at Pacific Beach – unpretentious people, vitality for chocolate & desserts, and an abundance of appreciative eaters.

According to the Chocolate on the Beach website, the goal is to “bring families and friends together in the kitchen and out to the beach to make memories and a little bit of our own history.” Isn’t that a magnificent idea? Or yet, amazing people who coordinate festivals like this organized around food.

And guess what? We won an award! We took 1st place in the Professional Sweets Division for our truffle, Désire. We also won an award for our Ohh-La-La Brownies! Not that we are competitive, y’know, but it does feel good and you can bet that this motivates me when I am standing in my kitchen, stirring a pot of bittersweet chocolate.

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