Monday, July 26, 2010

French Living

We’re back from France now & I am counting my blessings for delicious time spent with my family. Although it is heartbreaking to leave (as always), I am beginning to learn that I can clutch some of the graciousness and beauty of France in my heart and bring it back to my home - maybe not the olive-speckled Provence I so adore, or the dainty patisseries of Paris I hang around in – but the true “essence” of France. 

But honestly… I have failed to embrace this optimistic “essence” of French living since returning to the States. I jumped back into work like a determined athlete (skydiver really), on Martha Stewart obsessive-drive. A co-worker, after observing a confectioners’ sugar tornado near my mixer, nicknamed me “Hurricane Grochowski.” Yet I keep chopping chocolate madly. My husband (and biz partner) isn’t much better. He charges through the chocolaterie commanding orders, while panicking over the teensiest of details. I remind him of the famous English slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” to his annoyance (he is French after all). 

Yikes… resolving to live better isn’t easy when you’re trying to be successful. Tomorrow, I will reflect more about my recent vacation with un petit glass of Côtes de Provence. I’ll try and remember how the magic of France changed me this summer, unveiling that stash of graciousness and beauty deep down.

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