Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Office, Myself

Here’s a petite peek into my office. My ever-growing inspiration wall is my favorite part because it’s thought provoking and reminiscent of places & people that I love. We develop packaging, copy, website, and recipes here. If I ignore the McDonalds across the street, there is a view of the vast Bridger Mountain range, whose colors change throughout the season.

Yet, what I’d really like is for my office space to be warm and cozy, and more professional. I sometimes visit with clients while apologizing for the state of the rickety chairs they’re sitting on. I also share the space with bubble wrap, further boxes, employee coats, and children… And since I prefer to spend more time in the kitchen, I can’t seem to justify laboring over this project.

I suppose I’ll start with a desk and a room divider. I will wait for the right one to come along on my Saturday morning tag sale sprees.

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