Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cocoa Unites

My teenage daughter, R. Alexandria, isn’t like me one bit nowadays. 

When she was a little girl, we both devoured books like Beatrix Potter, Angelina, Eloise, or The Secret Garden during our ritual afternoon teatime. Our commonality seemed a given. People would often remark: “The apple didn’t fall far from that tree”.

Now, she’s a fearless slalom racer unlike me who death grips ski lifts. I’m prissy and she’s granola girl. She’s a natural academic, whereas I spilled tears for every “A”. The girl can navigate the Paris Metro with poise, but my adult self still has a fear of getting lost. She’s tough and I’m a pushover. We couldn’t be more unalike. 

Yet, whilst in France last summer, we had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the elegant Ladurée, my favorite tea/hot chocolate/pastry salon. We drank thick hot chocolate served with billowy whipped cream and ordered pastries piled high with colorful pastry cream. We both admired this beauty, which is intended to stimulate and delight all the senses. As her eyes widened with each sip, I knew that she and I are still alike in many ways. 

*The idea of afternoon hot chocolate ceremony at Ladurée is what inspired the debut of our “Cocoa Café” in our little chocolaterie here in Bozeman. It is catching on slowly, but I believe that local chocolate lovers will realize this soignée custom is good for the soul. 

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