Friday, March 25, 2011

Made in Montana Market Place

Wlady and I are participating in the "Made in Montana Market Place" in Great Falls this weekend. We are committed in helping our local & state's economy and really want to extend our products to buyers outside of our shop. You grow La Ch√Ętelaine, we must continually enhance our products.

The feedback from the public has been positive so far (one more day to go). We won an award: Honorable Place for best booth! And to think I worried that my booth wasn't professional enough. That'll teach me to follow my instinct. It was important for me to design a booth that sincerely reflected our personalities - not a big box store. We wanted our booth to look charming, incorporating some of my vintage cake stands and tin trays.

There is one big hypocrisy I continually battle with while trying to launch my products outside of our shop. Wholesalers still remain hesitant about shelf-life. Because we never add additives and preservatives (ARTISAN chocolates should NEVER contain them), the shelf life is one month. "But you can buy truffles at World Market with a one year shelf life", for instance. Uuugghhhhhhh!!!!! In due time, I suppose it boils down to customer awareness which will eventually reflect Wholesaler's purchases.  I'm positive about this.

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