Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vive le Printemps

The shop is doing well after returning from the Trade Show.

It is still so cold here in the Rockies, that hot chocolate sales are quite high (although I’d like them to be better). 

We’re now gearing up for Easter and Spring. I intend on adding colorful touches of spring to our two chocolateries after such a long, gray winter. I for one am ravenous for color and for fresh tastes.

Dans la cuisine (kitchen), we’re tempering beaucoup de bittersweet, milk and white chocolate to fill bunnies, hens, and hare molds. So far, I estimate that we’ve made 125. Many more to go. Because I am forever in Alice in Wonderland imagination, I will be carrying whimsical chocolate mushrooms, too. Last year, I assembled francophone Easter baskets, filled with vintage books, chocolates, and goodies. I’d like to continue that plan.
And do let me know if there any Easter/Spring desserts or confections you’d like. I’m always up for sweet ideas.