Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anxious Bunny

Our books show that sales this Easter holiday improved by a good margin compared to last year (Oui! Oui!), although the shop did not necessarily feel busier to me. Mmmmmm…. Could that be because I am usually armed with a whisk safely in my cozy kitchen? Truly, I owe it to an organized retail & kitchen staff.
The days leading up to Easter were all so dissimilar (sales wise) to each another. I blame Mother Nature for this because her influence on shopping psychology never ceases to amaze me, either! Dumping snow = poor sales day. Sunny/ partial snow fall, but cold = great sales day.
Our kitchen staff produced innumerable (hundreds) chocolate bunnies, hens, eggs, and fish and they became quite skilled at hand painting the molds. The retail ladies cleverly packaged them in clear bags; hand tied with pastel ribbons, and stylishly aligned our shelves with them. Luckily our shop’s slate tiles, along with the towering Ponderosa Pines outside keep our shop quite cool preventing bunny melting.
My employees will confirm that apprehension creeped into my brain with the sudden fear we had overproduced and (due to the economy) customers would chose quantity over quality (think gigantic Walmart Easter baskets filled with junky chocolate and disposable toys). I fretted circles around our shop many times, scrunching my sweaty hands with anxiety. I do this when I’m on edge. This is part of being a biz owner, people. However; worry was an ultimate waste of my time. In the “eleventh-hour”, like every holiday Wlady produced around the clock to rush freshly set chocolate bunnies from kitchen to retail area to our patient customers. Thankfully we live in a community that supports and appreciates good chocolate. I feel a glowing gratitude in my heart for you and thank you for allowing our creativity to thrive!