Friday, April 29, 2011

Ma Charlotte

J’aime bien la Charlotte! If I were to have a little girl, I’d undoubtedly name her “Charlotte”, too. But the dessert is certainly mon favori. I discovered this dessert not in Paris, but in the countryside in France at an open-air market last summer. To my delight, among the piles of fat tomatoes, and bluish/purple eggplants, I stumbled on a camionnette (truck/van).  Dreamy, rustic, and artful desserts packed the pocket-sized interior of the camionnette. I settled on the dainty, airy Strawberry Charlotte to carry to my husband family country house for dessert later avec sweet wine. I’ll never forget the creamy deliciousness and it is something I hope my customers will be thankful to see in our case, too.


merissa lambert said...

Love this picture of you. I know this is your favorite dessert and I would love to try one, your writing style is sweet and humorous just like you!

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